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Welcome to my plant site! Enjoy some of the finest botanical sites world-wide. This website shows pictures of many 1000s of different plant species, all taken by me in their natural habitat. Browse through more than 100,000 pictures to see flowers in close-up, pictures of a whole plant, other plants growing alongside, and the vegetations and landscapes in which they are present. Also information is given about the best time to see them in flower, and where to go for a fine display. Click the "browse" button to see all pictures geographically arranged. Want to know where a plant picture was made? The last preceding habitat shot gives the details. Want to see more of a specific plant species or genus? Just use the "search" button, or click on one of the keywords shown below a pic to get all pictures labelled with that same keyword. For instance, clicking on "Primula" will show you all photos of Primula species. I am still in a process of uploading. More pictures will be added soon. Finally, about 15,000 species will be shown, several for the first time on the internet, and many more first in their natural setting. Kok van Herk, last updated January 2019